ONLYOFFICE Docs™ Community Edition – Welcome!

Congratulations! Your Document Server has successfully started. Now you can integrate ONLYOFFICE Docs™ collaborative online document editing into your Web Application and use this Community Edition to open, edit and save your own documents with the most popular file formats, such as .DOCX, .XLSX, .PPTX, etc. Our editors are fully implemented in HTML5!
Want to learn the magic?
Explore ONLYOFFICE Docs™ Community Edition API Documentation.

Still not sure where to start?
Give a try to our test example which will allow you to upload your own local Office files from your computer for testing. It can be easily run with the following commands:
sudo docker exec 3f614c278d57 sudo supervisorctl start ds:example
Add the example to the autostart:
sudo docker exec 3f614c278d57 sudo sed 's,autostart=false,autostart=true,' -i /etc/supervisor/conf.d/ds-example.conf
Once started the example will be available here.
Please note, that the example is used for demonstration purposes only and it can be accessed by anyone. Once you finish examining it, we recommend that you disable this example for security reasons.

Any questions?
Please, submit your request here.